Here we Go!

I usually only write about old, “vintage” TV shows and while I do occasionally watch a current show, my TV watching usually revolves around the old sitcoms and game shows (I love the 1960’s version of To Tell the Truth currently airing on Buzzr network).

But there is one current program that I never miss and no matter what anyone else says about it, when the day of its season premiere nears, I can’t wait.

And tonight’s the night!

Yes, tonight I plan to watch 22 people, each of them much better looking and in much better shape than I, take off on a trip around the world on The Amazing Race. And, as I have done for the previous 28 editions of this series, I will be with them vicariously every step of the way as they face physical challenges, exhausting three day legs, nights sleeping in a desert camp or doing any number of crazy things hoping to win the one million dollar prize.

I love The Amazing Race and have loved every season since I began watching 16 years ago. Some of the “gimmicks” in the last few seasons haven’t appealed to me but I’ve still watched every episode cheering on my favorite teams and watching as the teams travel to exotic places that I can only dream of going to.

I will never run the Amazing Race. I will not bungee jump or sky dive, I can’t shlep barrels of beer or whatever else these strong young people have to carry and observance of kashrut would prevent me from participating in the “eating challenge” that shows up at least once every season.

But, if the teams were allowed to take along an older individual to read the maps, figure out the best airline tickets to buy, solve some geography puzzles and gently remind them to enjoy the scenery as they race around the world, I would be right there. I’d even learn to drive a standard transmission car- something some incredibly short sighted Amazing Race participants didn’t do before leaving on the race which is something I will never understand.

But, no one wants me on the Amazing Race. So, I have to be satisfied watching these people I don’t know take my trip of a lifetime.

I can’t wait.

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