One of the most important aspects of the Jewish faith, and one which is reflected in so many ways in the Jewish community, is that debate and disagreement are accepted and honored.

This is certainly true regarding our perspectives on Israel.

Jews who feel emotionally connected to Israel are “all over the map” in our opinions. We discuss Israel’s actions and priorities endlessly and find ourselves often disagreeing with family and close friends over even the most basic questions.

But, tonight, I would hope that all of us, regardless of our political or philosophical perspective, are united in our shock, in our horror and in our absolute commitment to stand with Israel and her citizens at this terribly sad hour.

While there will be some debate about exactly what form the response should take, we know that Israel must respond to these attacks strongly. There is no option.

There are many questions about today’s attacks which must be asked and there will be disagreement in the future about where we think Israel should go from here.

But, tonight, let us stand together, as one, in support, sadness and love.

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