Like so many, I shudder to think about the choice our nation has made.
Like so many, I worry about how this decision will affect my family and the families of so many people I know and I worry especially for those who can so easily become victims of bigotry, exclusion and persecution.
Like so many, I fear for the changes that may/will be brought by a Supreme Court which seeks to reverse advances that have been made in so many critical areas.
Like so many, I am absolutely devastated that so many in our nation either embraced or ignored statements of division and rhetoric of hatred.
But all of us must move on from here, continuing to be the most just, compassionate individuals that we can possibly be and pray that our new leadership will live up to the true ideals of our nation. Like so many of us, I have spent tonight tossing and turning and not seeing how that last part could possibly happen. But, we must hope that that will be the case and must find a way to continue to hope and work for a better future.
I pray for wisdom for our new leaders and for peace, justice and God’s blessing for this, still the greatest nation in the world.

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  1. David G Quigley

    Rabbi Dobursin,
    Thank you this blog and your sermon on Saturday. While I am still allowing my own process to include elements of the Kubler – Ross grief cycle, your words challenge me to when ready, move forward in compassion, and love.
    D. Quigley,
    Ft. Collins Colorado

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