I posted this on facebook this morning:

Packing to go away overnight and made sure to pack my toothbrush and toothpaste and other toiletries. It made me think again. I’m privileged to be able to buy these items to stay healthy. But, staying healthy under someone else’s care is a right not a privilege. How can this nation be so cruel and heartless to deny toothbrushes and soap and clean diapers to little children and babies under our supervision? This is despicable and has to stop.

I can not adequately convey the disgust that I feel when I read the accounts that are coming out of these “detention centers”. I don’t care what words are used to describe them or any comparisons, accurate or otherwise, which are made. I only care about the fact that this is an absolute abomination for the United States.

The immigration issue is not a simple one. Traveling to the border back in November, I saw a lot of different sides to the issue. But one part of the entire situation is quite simple: denying children- or adults for that matter- the bare necessities of cleanliness and personal care is horrendous and heartbreaking.

This has to stop.

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