A Thought After Sweatshirt Shabbat

We have a wonderful tradition at Beth Israel called Sweatshirt Shabbat. Once a year, during the middle of winter, we encourage people to wear sweatshirts to shul and to join in a special kiddush featuring Cholent, Shabbat stews. This Shabbat was Sweatshirt Shabbat and even though the day was unseasonably warm, it was a great day.

Each year, I pick a special sweatshirt for the occasion- often cheering on my beloved New England Patriots- but this year I needed something new. So, after seeing a great tv commercial for the upcoming “prequel” to one of my favorite movies of all time: Monsters Inc., I came to shul with a ‘Monsters University” sweatshirt, bought just for this special moment. The shirt featured the trademark single eye in the middle and I wore it proudly.

I was absolutely stunned by the numbers of people who looked at my shirt with not the slightest hint of recognition and after I explained it continued to stare at me without any appreciation for this work of cinematic achievement.

How could this be?

So, the purpose of this simple blog posting is to implore you. If you have never seen Monsters Inc., forget about seeing any of the current great movies (you have to see Lincoln but it can wait), and find Monsters Inc. at the theater in 3d if you can still find or get it on demand or on the internet or whatever and watch it as soon as you can. I guarantee you will find the story absolutely captivating and the humor of the highest quality. And, if you have seen it and loved it, please respond to this blog and restore my faith in the current state of cultural appreciation.

Shavua Tov!


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  1. Renee

    Of course we have it in our DVD collection…it is one of our favorites as well, and the storyline is just the best. Of course, Billy Crystal is one of my favorite comedians, and his character is perfect for him. Despair not, there are many of us out here who adored the color and fantasy of that movie.

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