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I posted two postings on Facebook yesterday and today about how horrendous President Trump’s tweets of Sunday morning were. But, then this morning, he tweeted that the people whom he was speaking of “hate Israel”.

Here was my response today on Facebook:

While I am not by any means enamored with some of the comments made by the 4 members of congress whom Trump apparently has targeted, I am infuriated by his using; “They hate Israel” as a justification for his racist tweets. He is clearly trying to leverage the support of the American Jewish community and claiming it is out of concern for Israel that he makes statements like these.

A few months ago, I wrote a piece on my website entitled; “An Open Letter to President Trump” in which I said that I would certainly consider a candidate’s stand on Israel when I decide whom to support in 2020 but: “My vote will also be based on a candidate’s and party’s positions on health care, immigration policy, gun violence, tax policies, environmental concerns and civil rights for minorities of all types, to name a few. I will also consider whom I feel represents the United States best in the world community. These domestic issues are what motivate me as an American as I consider the future of my country.”

President Trump’s use of Israel in this way is, I believe, disingenuous as well as dangerous. As much as we are legitimately concerned about Israel’s future and our country’s policy in the Middle East, we can’t be swayed by statements like this to ignore how horrendous his racist rants and his alliances with the far right and White Nationalists are. In no way are those good for the Jews or good for America.

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  1. Laurel Federbush

    The White Nationalists despise Jews. They don’t consider Jews white, or even people. There are some who court the Jews for strategic reasons, but it doesn’t reflect any real concern for our people.

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